Portfolio website of composer Nick Lawrence.

Concept Sketchbook Textures

After brainstorming with the lead sound designer of this project, reading the initial storyboards, and seeing the Alpha-level models and concept art, I began working on ambient musical textures that would function as environmental background ambience. The idea was to create slowly evolving soundscapes that would highlight these game environments and bring out their foreign-ness. The sound designer, Tom Schmidt, wanted this to be an integral part of the gameplay experience. 

These textures are each very thick in terms of frequency spetrum, but they are meant to overlap. By using an game audio middleware program (Wwise) we could create soundscapes from these textures weaving in and out randomly for a unique sound experience on any play through. 

While musical, these textures are intended to function just like background ambience. Our world has the sounds of wind, rustles of leaves and grass - this world similarly has the sound of these textures.